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1. This web site is wholly owned by VB Porter & Company, LLC (further referred to as "Owner").

2. Any person, who accesses resources and services of this site (further referred to as "Site"), or other linked or referenced through Site resources or services, or makes purchases through Site, posts information on Site, receives requested outgoing documents and information (including but not limited to electronically transferred), sends feedback or communicates in other ways with Site, its users or Owner is considered to be a user of Site (further referred to as "User"). User, which uses Site, accepted Terms and is legally bound by Terms in whole and by each statement, reference, notice and term in Terms. User also is bound by any rules of use or licenses, if they are posted on Site.

3. Owner may change Terms at any time and without preliminary notice. Changes take power as soon as these changes are posted on Site. It is sole responsibility of User to check Terms for changes before using Site. User accepts all changes in Terms by using Site. If User does not accept some changes, User must stop using Site. User understands, that he (she) will not be compensated if he (she) stops using Site, even if this action stops his (her) paid service, membership or leads to any other consequences.

4. All Site including but not limited to information, graphic images, movies, sound, design, names of products, trademarks, logos, service marks, companies' names, sites' names, contained in Site, e-mail messages or other outgoing documents and information from Site constitute intellectual property of Owner (or other corresponding and respected owners, that permitted Owner to reproduce such intellectual property). Nothing from Site or outgoing documents or information can be reproduced, even partially, in any means without Owner's written permission. Content of Site and outgoing documents and information cannot be compiled, re-engineered, changed in any way, sold, rented, transferred or exposed to third party, linked, framed or referenced without prior written permission of Owner.

5. All information on Site, services, products and outgoing documents and information are supplied on the "as-is" basis and without any warranty. User understands, that content of Site and outgoing documents and information (including electronically transferred), may be changed by Owner at any time without notice, may be not free of errors, may be incomplete or may express private opinion of Owner, User or third party. User takes all responsibility for using Site. User and third parties never will be compensated in any way by Owner for any kind of possible disclosed or not disclosed damages, injures, losses, including possible consequential damages, injures, losses and not received income that may be caused by the use, inability to use or not use of Site and outgoing documents and information. Owner is not responsible for consequences of using products, services or information, supplied by third parties through Site or outgoing documents or information. Owner issues no expressed or implied warranty and makes no representation concerning quality and availability of content, information, service, products or their fitness for certain purpose. Never can be Owner obligated for the sum exceeding the price of supplied service or product, and only if such product or service created and delivered personally by Owner. If jurisdiction of User does not permit limited liability according the text of Terms, User cannot use Site. Any errors or other defects, which could be found on Site, should be immediately reported by User to Owner. User cannot distribute any information about errors or defects of Site to third parties.

6. All software products or other information resources which are downloadable from Site or can be ordered on Site, all other products or resources available through Site, may have their own license and Warranty and User must carefully study these documents before using products and services and must follow said documents.

7. User is granted the right to use Site for private purposes only (non commercial use). User must comply with all laws in the jurisdiction of his (her) residence or tenure. Anything that is defamatory, abusive, libelous, unlawful, obscene, threatening, harassing, fraudulent, pornographic, harmful, or that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered as a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any law, will be prosecuted by Owner to the full extent, permitted by law. Users may not contact employers of Owner with the means of unsolicited email, telephone calls or any other methods unauthorized by Site.

8. Private information of User cannot be disclosed to third parties by Owner without expressed permission of User (except when being provided to Government, for the purpose of investigation or in other situations when demanded by law). Private User's information can be used for producing or distributing consolidated statistic information (without disclosing personal information of certain User). Non-private User's information, posted on Site (or delivered in any other way to Owner), may be used by Owner, including commercial needs of Owner, disclosed to public, changed and distributed without any compensation to User.

9. User cannot transmit unlawful information or links to such information to Owner or to other Users in any way. User cannot collect information about other Users of Site. User cannot attack Site by massive transmissions of information, unusual commands or other hardware or software means, which can lead to loss or change of data or functionality of Site or be harmful to Users, Site or Owner. If User submits any registration forms, he (she) is responsible for supplying correct and true information. User cannot make misrepresentations: communicate with Site using false personal data; leave messages from the name of third party. User must keep safe password and logon supplied to him (her) by Site or Owner. User cannot share password or logon with third parties and must immediately notify Owner if password or logon was decommissioned. User is responsible for all uses of his (her) login and password, even not authorized by User.

10. User does not establish with Owner any other relationship than stated in Terms. User cannot do any representations on behalf of Owner or Site.

11. Fees and Payments. If Site accepts payments from credit cards or other electronic payment systems, User agrees that his (her) credit card(s) or account(s) will be billed immediately after online verification. User agrees to pay totally fees and charges incurred through the use of Site's services. By purchasing products and services User accepts rates in effect, posted on Site or in outgoing documents and information. User should pay all applicable taxes relating to use of services and purchase of products or services through Site. Owner reserves the right to change fees, change, suspend or terminate services for User at any time for any reason without notice.

12. Privacy Policy of Owner excludes gathering information about hardware, software and information resources of User or modifying such resources without prior notification of User and User's electronic, written or voice confirmation. E-mailing of not requested messages to User is considered unacceptable. Exclusions of this policy are: Owner can e-mail messages or transfer information to User if it is requested, concerning requested service, delivery of products, as a feedback, in non-standard situations like change of service and also in other reasonable situations. All messages and information outgoing from Owner may contain advertisement. Review Owner's Privacy Policy before using Site. User accepts any kind of communication: through the Internet, telephone, fax, information media (like floppy disk) or a hard copy. Owner is not responsible for possible partial or total loss of any information sent to User or not delivered to Owner. User accepts the right of Owner to treat electronic and fax signature or messages of User as a signature on a hard copy.

13. Access to Site may be immediately denied for User who failed to comply with Terms, without any compensation or refund of fees received by Owner for services or products. Access to Site may be immediately denied for User without notice and without any compensation, only with the refund of received fees for the period of time when the service will not be supplied. In case of termination of User's access to Site User will destroy all copies of materials received from Site.

14. Any conflicts between Owner and User will be governed by the laws of the State of New York, USA. User is obligated to keep Owner free of travel expenses.

15. If any statement of Terms becomes invalid or conflicting with the law, it must be replaced to reflect the law and more closely express content, contained in Terms. Other valid statements stay in power.

16. User at his (her) own expense must defend, indemnify and hold Owner harmless from any kind of Compensations (liabilities, damages, losses and expenses). Such Compensations include also any reasonable attorneys fees and court expenses in case of the third party claim or any other action against Owner in case such claim or action is a consequence, direct or indirect, of User's actions or User's not acting according Terms and law, when such actions or not acting led to (including but not limited to): infringement rights of intellectual property, purchase, sale or use of any products and services through Site and any misrepresentation made by User.

17. Owner will use all legal rights to get compensation from User in case of any damages caused by the unlawful actions of User or actions of User if such actions do not comply with Terms.

18. Terms constitute the entire agreement between Site and User and supersede all prior contracts, agreements, representations and statements concerning Owner or User. Failure to enforce any provision of Terms will not be construed as a waiver of that provision or of the right to enforce that provision later, at any time. No waiver, amendment, or modification of Terms made by User shall be valid or binding except made in writing and signed by Owner and User.

Privacy Policy

1. Owner never will gather private information about User without notifying the User. Owner keeps private information about User safe (not exposed to third party through Internet or other public sources). Owner will never sell, lease or otherwise share private User's information with the third party without expressed permission from the User.

2. Private User's information can be disclosed by Owner when being provided to Government, for the purpose of investigation or in other situations when demanded by law. Private User's information can be used to compose and distribute consolidated statistics without private information about particular User.

3. Owner excludes gathering information about hardware, software and information resources of User except parameters, necessary for optimal functioning of Site on User's computer (resolution of the monitor, speed of the connection, type of the browser etc.) This information would never be stored at Owner's side without permission of User.

4. No cookies will be created and no other changes will be made in the User's hardware and software without prior notification of User and at least his electronic confirmation to such actions.

5. E-mailing of not requested messages to User is considered unacceptable. Owner can perform e-mailing to User concerning requested service, delivery of products, as a feedback, in non-standard situations like change of service and in other obvious situations.

6. No traps like pop-up advertisement, impossibility to return to the previous page or something similar.

7. Non-private User's information, posted on Site, or delivered in any other way to Owner, may be used by Owner for different purposes including commercial needs, disclosed to public, changed and distributed including commercial purposes without any compensation to User.

8. I permanently work to make Site easy and quick to use. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions.