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Identifying and Eliminating Risk

Delivering cost-effective solutions

Providing value-added service

Serving your needs with integrity

Landlord Representation

Property Sales

Timing, accuracy, advantageous terms, and a fully qualified purchaser. These are the elements that every property owner looks for in a real estate transaction -- the elements that VB Porter & Company has the expertise to deliver.

From retail to residential to commercial and from industrial holdings to vacant land, at VB Porter, our experts are uniquely qualified to find interested buyers for your unique property, to effectively assess potential purchasers, and to rectify or eliminate potential problems before they can have an impact on your sale. Of equal importance, our skilled brokers have the proven negotiating skills necessary to enhance your bottom line by delivering the most effective contract at the most advantageous price.

Property Leasing

Whether you’re leasing office, retail, residential or industrial property, nothing is more important than maximizing the return on your investment. At VB Porter & Company, we understand that this means far more than merely maximizing rent rates. It means acting quickly, to minimize vacancy times. Negotiating effectively, to eliminate potential losses from often overlooked clauses. Delivering leases that are as enforceable as they are advantageous. And, most importantly, finding and signing only the most financially qualified tenants possible.


As your agents, VB Porter’s experts are able to help you determine the most effective rental rates, based on a detailed knowledge of the market. They can provide you with essential information on the finances, history and character of potential tenants. And they can enhance the overall quality of your tenant roster, thereby enabling you to attract increasingly desirable lessees. All of which can generate substantive and measurable bottom line results for your business.