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Highest and Best Use / Feasibility Analysis

An estimate of the highest and best use of real estate is developed by applying the fundamentals of economic theory to the real estate market. The supply of and demand for the logical uses for a particular site are considered and compared in order to determine the most suitable use for a specific site. VB Porter Consulting has the experience and market expertise to weigh the attributes and risks associated with real estate development for a wide variety of property uses to determine the most viable development concept.

Lease vs. Buy Analysis

A variety of economic, business, and market factors can influence the decision whether to lease or buy real estate. VB Porter Consulting can help identify the relevant issues and rank them in terms of their impact on the decision process. VP Porter Consulting has the technical and market expertise to relate monetary issues to present value and VB Porter Investment Sales can assist with debt and equity financing, all of which are among the critical issues involved in lease vs. buy decisions.

Transaction Assistance / Developer Selection

VB Porter Consulting can assist public or private institutions in the real property transaction process by analyzing the present value impact of negotiated items or assist in the preparation of responses to Requests for Proposals (“RFPs”). We can also assist municipalities or government agencies in every step of the developer selection process, including drafting Requests for Proposals ("RFPs") from the private development community and providing fast, accurate, unbiased feedback on how any RPF response aligns with strategic goals.

Construction Cost Estimates

VB Porter Consulting has experience with applying the Marshall Valuation Service cost benchmarking tool to a variety of planned and proposed projects. Particularly when used in connection with estimates of lease-up and operating estimates, this base-level analysis can be used for the development of estimated internal rates of return or residual land value, lending critical insight into the planning process.

Litigation Support

VB Porter has experience in litigation matters relating to real estate and has the knowledge and expertise to provide credibility to any testimony provided.


VB Porter Consulting has considerable experience with development of detailed and complex financial models that can assist in a variety of real estate decisions.


VB Porter Consulting has provided real estate appraisals and valuations for purposes relating to loans, foreclosures, tax certiorari, and eminent domain procedures.